Confessions of a Somewhat Mediocre (But Improving) Modeler*

I love building model railroads, and despite my limitations I've managed to put together a number of them over the years. No, I don't build grandiose wooden benchwork, I don't hand-lay track, I don't sculpt and carve majestic mountain ranges, I don't plot and plan every bush, rock and blade of grass, I don't scratchbuild magnificent cathedrals, and honestly, I don't really lose much sleep over 100% prototypical accuracy. Hell, I don't even "operate" my railroads - I just like to watch my trains run around in circles. In short, I'm basically a mediocre modeler.

The good news is that the model railroading industry has come a long way since the hardscrabble years, and there are now many quick and easy short-cuts designed for the great mediocre majority. Even modelers of limited skill such as myself can now stumble along and somehow cobble together model railroads that are, well... I dunno... Adequate? Respectable? Not completely laughable?

Anyway, I've documented some of my layout and model building experiences on the pages below. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration and some ideas. And if not, chances are you'll at least be amused by some of my various frustrations, misadventures, misdeeds and screw-ups. Enjoy!

First Layout Attempts
Ya Gotta Start Somewhere
N Scale Model Railroad #1
The Learning Layout
N Scale Model Railroad #2
The Scenic Ridge Project
N Scale Model Railroad #3
Flat and Industrial
N Scale Model Railroad #4
The Ultimate Roundy-Rounder
N Scale Model Railroad #5
Shay Stadium
N Scale Model Railroad #6
Hope, MN

(*Due to incremental increases in the quality of my work over the years, I've been told that I can no longer refer to myself as a strictly mediocre modeler )

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