Panamint Models Canadian Pacific Passenger Trucks

Type 1Type 2

These CP passenger trucks are built-to-order by (based on 3-D designs supplied by Eric Cox of Panamint Models - They are comprised of "UV Curable Acrylic Plastic". Wheelsets and couplers not included.

The CP used four slightly different GSC-made truck designs (designated as 1a, 1b, 2a and 2b). Type 1a trucks were used on new cars from 1936 to 1940 (numbers 1700, 2100-2128, 3050-3053, 3600-3618, 4200-4201, 6630). Type 1b trucks were used on new cars from 1940 to 1954 (numbers 2129-2178, 2200-2234, 3619-3648, 3745-3749, 4202-4256, 4560-4565, 4700-4789, 14102 Ash Grove, 14107 Elm Grove, 14108 Fir Grove, 14110 Oak Grove, 14115 Pine Grove). Type 1a trucks differ from 1b's insofar as the 1a has the brake rod on the outside of the sideframe and a downward extension cast onto the end of the sideframe.

Type 2a trucks were used on new cars from 1948 to 1950 (numbers 2235-2298). They differ from the 1b trucks insofar as they have horizontal struts instead of leaf springs.

Type 2b trucks were used on new cars (and retrofit to some older cars) starting in 1950 (numbers 2235-2298, 14101 Apple Grove, 14103 Balsam Grove, 14104 Beech Grove, 14105 Birch Grove, 14106 Cedar Grove, 14109 Maple Grove, 14111 Olive Grove, 14112 Orange Grove, 14113 Palm Grove, 14114 Peach Grove, 14116 Poplar Grove, 14117 Spruce Grove, 14118 Walnut Grove, 14119 Willow Grove). They differ from 2a trucks insofar as they employ both horizontal and vertical struts.

Panamint Models' CP trucks are appropriate for use with the Geoff Gooderham line of CP smoothside passenger car kits -

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