GSC Commonwealth 61-RDO Six-Wheel Trucks

Among other applications, these heavy duty six-wheel trucks were used by the Santa Fe on their "big dome" and hi-level diner cars. Kato and Bachmann both make N scale versions of this design.

The Kato version was made for their UP City of Los Angeles storage-mail and Santa Fe El Capitan dining cars -

Kato catalog #800122G (6-Wheel Truck, Gray, w/ Gray coupler - Clip mount, 1 ea).
Kato catalog #800122 (El Capitan 6-Wheel Diner Truck, Silver, w/ Silver coupler - Clip mount, 2 ea)

Black versions of the Kato trucks were also used on their Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha Super Dome cars -

The Bachmann version was made for their 85' Full Dome Coach -

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