GSC 41-DN Passenger Trucks

These somewhat specialized trucks were used on the Seaboard's Sun Lounge cars, other select SAL sleepers, C&EI Budd Coaches and the entire run of 1950 SP Sunset Limited Budd equipment (excluding the RPO's). The truck has inside swing hangers and disc brakes and presents an unusual profile by showing no brake cylinders or brake shoes externally. Also featured was a Westinghouse Air Brake AP-3 wheel slide control device. The brakes themselves were schedule D-22 electro-pneumatic with straight air control. This system included a D-22BR control valve and a B-3 relay valve. The trucks have an 8-6 wheel base.

Bachmann makes the only N scale version of this truck (specifically designed for their line of streamlined passenger cars). The truck sideframes are equipped with dimpled metal axle-tip wipers (along with spring extensions) in order to provide current for the interior lighting.

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