41-CUDO-11 Passenger Trucks

Built by General Steel Castings (GSC), the 41-CUDO-11 outside swing hanger truck was a common design used on passenger cars of the 1950s and 1960s. These could be found under UP's Pacific series Pullmans and retrofitted to many ATSF Budd and other lightweights. The main advantage of OSH trucks is ease of inspection and maintenance.

Con-Cor makes the only 41-CUDO-11 truck in N scale. These are used (incorrectly) on Con-Cor's MHC-1 car and on all of their various streamlined passenger cars. Oddly enough, there are two different versions (one being a mirror image of the other). I'm told that these variations are simply due to carelessness in the way the molds were set up for a given production run. Although, ironically enough, both styles can also be found in the real world -

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