GSC 41-CS-11 Lightweight Passenger Trucks

These trucks were used by Budd, Pullman and AC&F on cars built between 1947 and 1951. Kato makes two different versions of this same basic truck (and with the newer version having significantly finer detailing than the older one) -

The first version was used on some of Kato's smoothside passenger cars (Amtrak Amfleet I, Penn Central, Super Chief, et al) -

The second version was used on Kato's El Capitan, City of Los Angeles and Amtrak baggage cars -

Old version -
Kato catalog #800101 (Super Chief ACF Truck, Silver, 2 ea)
Kato catalog #800103 (ACF Passenger Truck, black w/ Fully-Automatic Knuckle Coupler, 2 ea)

New version -
Kato catalog #800120 (El Capitan Pullman Truck, Silver, w/ Silver coupler, 2 ea)
Kato catalog #800123 (ACF 41-CS-11 Truck, Black w/ coupler - Clip mount, 2 ea).
Kato catalog #800130 (ACF 41-CS-11 Truck, Gray w/ coupler - Clip mount, 1 ea)

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