Walthers / Railsmith Models Smoothside Streamlined Passenger Cars

These cars were originally released by Walthers circa 2008. In 2017, all of the original Walthers tooling was acquired by Lowell Smith and the cars were set up for production as part of their "RailSmith Models" line (AFAIK, only available via the Lowell Smith website).

PS 10-6 Sleeper -

PS 72' Baggage -

PS 64-Seat Coach -

Starting in 2021, Railsmith began expanding the line with newly tooled cars -

Plan 7510 Coach -

Duplex Sleeper -

Blunt End Observation (modified 10-6 sleeper) -

ACF 12-4 "Western" Sleeper -

48-Seat Diner -

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