Euro-Rail Model Imports / Electrotren Amtrak Talgo Pendular 200 Passenger Cars

In April 1994, Talgo Pendular 200 trains began regular service in the United States linking the cities of Portland to Seattle and to Vancouver. These Spanish-made passenger cars were pulled by a single Amtrak F40PH diesel. The models are made by Electrotren (Spain) and imported by ER Models. They are sold in a couple of different six-car sets. One includes two service vans (one type TG6z, the other type TG6), three second-class coaches (type TB6) and one first-class coach (type TA6). The other set includes two service vans, one first class coach, one second class coach, one bar coach, and one restaurant/lounge. Add-on cars are also sold separately.

Service Van (two axles) -

Service Van (one axle) -

First Class Coach -

Second Class Coach -

Bar Coach -

Restaurant / Lounge -

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