Skytop Models Resin Passenger Car Kits

Here's what Bill Denton (Skytop Models) has to say about these resin kit cars -

Passenger car castings include the basic body shell along with a separate underframe casting. Modelers will generally need to purchase trucks, couplers, diaphragms and miscellaneous items separately. I have tried to make each casting as accurate as possible with most details already cast in place allowing the modeler to build highly detailed and very railroad specific models with a minimal amount of effort.

Three different carbody styles are available -

Milwaukee Road "Valley Series" Parlor -

Milwaukee Road "River Series" Sleeper -

CB&Q Havelock "Economy" Baggage -

Bill also sells improved versions of the old Jim Stillman (N Scale Skytops) Milwaukee Road skytops -

Milwaukee Road "Rapids Series" Parlor -

Milwaukee Road "Creek Series" Lounge -

For more information, I suggest visiting Bill's website - Skytop Models

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