Rivarossi Heavyweight Passenger Cars

These 1920s-era cars were originally imported by Atlas and later on by Con-Cor. Three car sets in Arnold-Rivarossi packaging were also available (imported by Model Shipways). Con-Cor contracted Rivarossi to create the tooling for the coach and full baggage cars, so those were never sold by Atlas.

Baggage/Coach Combine (based on an ATSF "rider" car) -

12-1 Pullman Sleeper -

Diner (based on an ATSF/Pullman diner) -

Cafe Observation (based on an ATSF/Pullman obs-lounge) -

Full Baggage (based on ATSF baggage #1849) -

Coach (based on a Pullman Standard 84-seat chair car) -

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