N-Scale North American Passenger Cars

This is a quickie one-stop listing of what's available. For more in-depth information, check out Fred Klein's most excellent N Scale Passenger Car Reference.

BachmannBachmannAmtrak Acela
BachmannBachmannAmtrak Amfleet I
KatoKatoAmtrak Amfleet I & II
KatoKatoAmtrak El Capitan
KatoKatoAmtrak Phase I / Penn Central
KatoKatoAmtrak Southwest Limited
Overland Models, IncAjinAmtrak Superliner
Con-CorCon-CorAmtrak Superliner
KatoKatoAmtrak Superliner
Pacific Fast MailSamhongsaAmtrak Superliner
Euro-Rail ModelsElectrotrenAmtrak Talgo Pendular 200
Con-CorCon-CorAmtrak Viewliner
KatoKatoAmtrak Viewliner
Panamint ModelsShapewaysB&O 1856 Coach
KeySamhongsaB&O Cincinnatian
AthearnAthearnBi-Level Commuter (Bombardier)
AtlasAtlasBi-Level Commuter (Bombardier)
Arnold-RapidoArnold-RapidoBi-Level Commuter (C&NW)
N Gauge Int'lN Gauge Int'lBi-Level Commuter (C&NW)
Con-CorCon-CorBi-Level Commuter (C&NW/CB&Q)
KatoKatoBi-Level Commuter (Chicago Metra)
Wheels of TimeWheels of TimeBi-Level Commuter (SP)
KatoKatoBi-Level Pullman (C&NW)
Shoreham Shops LtdMi LimCB&Q Denver Zephyr
KatoKatoCB&Q Silver Streak Zephyr
KatoKatoCN Transcontinental
Rapido TrainsRapidoCP/VIA The Canadian
KatoKatoCalifornia Zephyr
Oriental LtdKumataCalifornia Zephyr
N Gauge Int'lN Gauge Int'lCalifornia Zephyr
Geoff GooderhamGeoff GooderhamCanadian Pacific (Assorted)
Rapido TrainsRapidoComet Commuter Cars
Parkway IndustriesArnold-RapidoCorrugated Streamlined
Arnold-RapidoArnold-RapidoCorrugated Streamlined
BachmannBachmannCorrugated Streamlined
IntermountainCentralia Car ShopsCorrugated Streamlined
Con-CorCon-CorCorrugated Streamlined
Eastern Seaboard ModelsEastern Seaboard ModelsCorrugated Streamlined
KatoKatoCorrugated Streamlined
Lone StarLone StarCorrugated Streamlined
MinitrixMinitrixCorrugated Streamlined
Model PowerModel PowerCorrugated Streamlined
RailSmith ModelsRailSmith ModelsCorrugated Streamlined
Rapido TrainsRapidoCorrugated Streamlined
Con-CorRivarossiCorrugated Streamlined
AtlasRivarossiCorrugated Streamlined
Con-CorRowaCorrugated Streamlined
MRCRowaCorrugated Streamlined
WalthersWalthersCorrugated Streamlined
AHMLimaEuropean Foobies
Out Of The Box ModelsOut Of The Box ModelsHarriman
Wheels of TimeWheels of TimeHarriman
KV ModelsKV ModelsHeavyweight
Pecos River BrassKumataHeavyweight
Model PowerLimaHeavyweight
Lowell SmithMicro-TrainsHeavyweight
Golden State Locomotive WorksShapewaysHeavyweight
Wheels of TimeWheels of TimeHeavyweight
Hell Gate ModelsHell Gate ModelsHeavyweight (PRR)
Con-CorKatoJNR Foobies
BachmannBachmannJackson Sharp Excursion Car
Fox Valley ModelsFox Valley ModelsMilwaukee Road Hiawatha
GHQGHQMilwaukee Road Hiawatha
NJ InternationalKumataMilwaukee Road Hiawatha
Railway ClassicsAjinMilwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha
KatoKatoMilwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha
N Scale SkytopsN Scale SkytopsMilwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha
KatoKatoNYC 20th Century Limited
KeySamhongsaNYC 20th Century Limited
Panamint ModelsShapewaysPRR 1861 Coach
Michael's Model Railroad & PartsShapewaysPRR B60b Baggage Car (et al)
KatoKatoPRR Broadway Limited
Oriental LtdKumataPRR Broadway Limited
Broadway Ltd ImportsBroadway Ltd ImportsPRR P70 Heavyweight Coach
Wheels of TimeWheels of TimeSP Class 66-B-1 Baggage
KeyEndoSP Daylight
KatoKatoSP Daylight
More CoLIK Enterprise IncSP Daylight
KeySamhongsaSP Daylight
KatoKatoSanta Fe El Capitan
HallmarkKumataSanta Fe El Capitan
BachmannBachmannSanta Fe Full Dome Coach
N Gauge Int'lN Gauge Int'lSanta Fe Hi-Level Chair Car
KatoKatoSanta Fe Super Chief
Oriental LtdKumataSanta Fe Super Chief
Pecos River BrassKumataSanta Fe Super Chief (1951)
BachmannBachmannSmoothside Streamlined
IntermountainCentralia Car ShopsSmoothside Streamlined
Con-CorCon-CorSmoothside Streamlined
Des Plaines HobbiesDes Plaines HobbiesSmoothside Streamlined
KatoKatoSmoothside Streamlined
RailSmith ModelsRailSmith ModelsSmoothside Streamlined
Rapido TrainsRapidoSmoothside Streamlined
Con-CorRivarossiSmoothside Streamlined
AtlasRivarossiSmoothside Streamlined
WalthersWalthersSmoothside Streamlined
Keystone DetailsShapewaysStillwell Commuter Coach
KatoKatoUP City of Los Angeles
Overland Models, IncAjinUP Excursion Train
KatoKatoUP Excursion Train
Brass Car SidesBrass Car SidesVarious
Island ModelworksIsland ModelworksVarious
Boxcar ModelsShapewaysVarious
Imperial Hobby ProductionsShapewaysVarious
Skytop ModelsSkytop Models (USA)Various
Union Station ProductsUnion Station ProductsVarious
Arnold-RapidoArnold-RapidoVarnish - Open Platform
BachmannBachmannVarnish - Open Platform
RailheadRailheadVarnish - Open Platform
AthearnAthearnVarnish - Overland
MDC/RoundhouseMDC/RoundhouseVarnish - Overland
AthearnAthearnVarnish - Overton
MDC/RoundhouseMDC/RoundhouseVarnish - Overton
Western RailcraftWestern RailcraftVarnish - Vestibule

This reference is a work in progress (particularly the brass). If you can help me out with any additional pictures or information, do please drop me an email.

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