Kato Budd Corrugated Streamlined Passenger Cars

Like Con-Cor's line of Budd passenger cars, Kato's cars are all based (more or less) on CB&Q/Zephyr prototypes. Originally released in the early 2000's, Kato pretty much stopped issuing these cars as sets and singles once they got into the whole "named train" thing back circa 2010.

These are the releases that I know of (culled from old Walthers catalogs) -

381-1061501 CP (Diner, RPO, Observation, Sleeper)
381-1061502 Santa Fe (Diner, RPO, Observation, Sleeper)
381-1061503 CB&Q (Diner, RPO, Observation, Sleeper)
381-1061504 PRR (Diner, RPO, Observation, Sleeper)
381-1061505 Southern (Diner, RPO, Observation, Sleeper)
381-1061605 CB&Q #1 (Baggage, Coach, Dome, Sleeper)
381-1061606 CB&Q #2 (Baggage, Coach, Dome, Sleeper)
381-1061701 PRR #1 (Baggage, 2 Coaches, Sleeper)
381-1061702 PRR #2 (Baggage, 2 Coaches, Sleeper)
381-1061703 Southern #1 (Baggage, 2 Coaches, Sleeper)
381-1061704 Southern #2 (Baggage, 2 Coaches, Sleeper)
381-1561801 Wabash (Baggage, 2 Domes, Observation)
381-1061901 Slumber Coach Set (NP "Loch Ness", NP "Loch Lomond", MP "Southland", B&O "Sleepland")
381-1560800 Silver/Unlettered Business Car
381-1560803 ATSF "Topeka" Business Car
381-1560804 ATSF "Santa Fe" Business Car
381-1560813 UP "Cheyenne" Business Car
381-1560814 UP "St Louis" Business Car
381-1560817 SP "SP150" Business Car
381-1560818 SP "SSW Cottonland" Business Car

Business Car -

Baggage/RPO -

Baggage -

Coach -

Diner -

Slumber Coach -

Dome Coach -

10-6 Sleeper -

Observation -

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