Kato Pullman/C&NW Bi-Level Passenger Cars

These cars were released 2019 as part of a complete six-unit bookshelf train set (EMD E8, Coach-Buffet, Coach-Parlor, Cab-Coach and two Coaches).

Prototype -

Pullman bi-level passenger cars started their operation on the Flambeau 400 and the Peninsula 400 trains in 1958. At the time, these two 400 trains were the only ones using these then-new bi-level cars. In addition to the bi-level coaches, these two 400 trains also included a special bi-level parlor car and a coach-buffet car to distinguish the service level from regular Chicago & North Western commuter trains and meet the riderís needs on the longer distance trips.

FWIW, I'm told that Kato's coach and cab-coach models are based on commuter car prototypes that are similar to (but not exactly the same as) the cars typically used on C&NW's inter-city 400 trains. This is a small compromise that allows Kato to also sell these cars in Chicago Metra livery.

Features -

- Brand new tooling bi-level cars, available in C&NW paint exclusively through this train set
- Smooth rolling blackened metal wheels with all-wheel electrical pickup
- Ability to be lit with optional 11-211/212 Version 2 LED Interior lighting kits
- Prototypical directional head and tail lights on the cab-coach

Coach-Buffet -

Coach/Coach-Parlor -

Cab-Coach -

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