Kato Canadian National Transconinental Train Passenger Cars

These models are not new tooling (IE, they were all recycled from earlier Kato passenger car sets - Smoothside, Broadway Ltd, and Olympian Hiawatha). The set is designed to replicate the continent-spanning trains of the Canadian National during the late 60ís and 70ís. This "Transcontinental" CN seven-car train comes packaged in Katoís bookcase style packaging. The set uses a variety of ex-Union Pacific, Milwaukee, and Pennsylvania cars which the CN acquired over the years as they built up their passenger service in the pre-VIA Rail days. F7A & F7B locomotives in CNís signature black and white striped paint from the era were released at the same time as this set.

Baggage Car #9160 (ex-UP) -

Coach #5712 (ex-UP) -

10-6 Sleeper "Terra Nova River" (ex-PRR) -

Super Dome "Fraser" (ex-MWR) -

Diner #1350 (ex-UP) -

10-6 Sleeper "Vermillion River" (ex-MWR) -

Lounge Observation "Trinity" (ex-MRW) -

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