GHQ Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Passenger Cars

These craft-train kits make it possible to create the entire consist of the 1942 Hiawatha - all of the 1939 cars, the RPO, the baggage express cars, and all of the new 1942 cars. Each kit includes brass etched cars sides and doors, pewter castings of the roof details and underbody housings (even the famous “beaver tail”), decals, and illustrated instructions. Designed for use with American Limited Passenger Car Core Kits (not included). Trucks and couplers also not included. GHQ sells the cars individually as well as in complete-train sets.


1938 Express Tap -

1938 Diner -

1938 Parlor -

1938 Coach -

1938 Parlor-Observation ("Beavertail") -

1942 Tap Lounge -

(Not pictured - 1938 Express Baggage, 1942 Express Coach, 1942 Diner, 1942 Coach)

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