Con-Cor Smoothside Streamlined Passenger Cars

The "old" RPO-Combine, Coach and Observation cars were originally manufactured by Sekisui Kinzoku (aka Kato/Japan). I'm told by Charlie Vlk that the tooling for the newer Con-Cor-made RPO was damaged fairly early on, and as a consequence, very few were made. Although the mid-train dome is technically a "corrugated" car, it was also included as part of this smoothside series. These cars are all based (more or less) on Great Northern prototypes from the late 1940s / early 1950s.

Baggage-RPO Combine (tooled by Kato) -

Coach -

Observation -

Baggage-RPO Combine (tooled by Con-Cor) -

Diner -

Sleeper -

Baggage -

Mid-Train Dome -

Micro-Trains also sells the Con-Cor smoothside baggage cars, diners and coaches as part of their Ringling Brothers Circus car set -

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