Bachmann Heavyweight Passenger Cars

Bachmann's rather odd 65' "shorty" heavyweight cars were produced in the 80's and 90's (being based on somewhat obscure 1920's C&NW commuter prototypes). They came equipped with Rapido-style couplers. Later production runs included interior lighting.

Combine -

Coach -

Observation -

As of this 2017 writing, Bachmann is including the old shorties in some of their trainsets (presumably now equipped with E-Z Mate couplers) -

In 2011, Bachmann released a more traditional heavyweight coach (based on a PRR P70 prototype). This car was originally included as the "trailer" for their revised (DCC-equipped) Doodlebug model, but starting in 2016 Bachmann also started selling them separately. This car has E-Z Mate automatic/magnetic couplers and interior lighting -

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