Model Railroading Links

DCC and Electronics:

Berkshire Junction - Working traffic lights, among other things

Dallee Electronics - Signal systems and other gizmos

Digitrax, Inc - A manufacturer of popular DCC hardware and decoders

JMRI - DCC computer interface freeware

Lenz - A pioneering manufacturer of DCC systems and decoders

Miller Engineering - Neon signs and other cool electronic widgets

Miniatronics - Lighting and other interesting electronic wizardry

Model Rectifier Corp - Powerpacks, decoders, a DCC system, and all of Model Power's old products

NJ International - Signals and other electronic doodads

North Raleigh Model RR Club - Decoder installation instructions galore (and more)

Northwest Short Lines - Replacement motors, gears and wheelsets for N scale locos

Richmond Controls - Custom lighting accessories

Soundtraxx - DCC sound products

Southern Digital - A great source for decoders

Train Control Systems - Decoder manufacturer

Model Manufacturers:

Accurail - Manufacturer of couplers, trucks, etc.

Alkem Scale Models - Manufacturer of assorted detail parts

American Model Builders - Laser-Cut wooden structure kits

Aspenmodel, Inc. - Manufacturer of brass locomotives, etc

Athearn - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Atlas Railroad Co - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Bachmann Trains - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Blair Line - Manufacturer of wooden structure kits (among other things)

Bowser - Freight car manufacturer

Branchline Trains - Manufacturer of wooden structure kits

Broadway Limited Imports - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Caboose Industries - Ground throw manufacturer

Centerline Products - They make decent track cleaning cars

Chooch Enterprises - Scenery details

Con-Cor - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Downtown Deco - Plaster building models

ExactRail - Freight cars

Fox Valley Models - N scale locomotives and rolling stock, also all of the old Red Caboose product line

GHQ Models - Manufacturer of pewter locomotive kits, vehicles, etc

Gold Medal Models - Manufacturer of a wide array of detail parts

Intermountain - Manufacturer of locomotives and rolling stock

Kato - N scale locomotives and rolling stock

Ken Ray Models - Steel mill freight car kits

Micro-Trains Line - N scale rolling stock, trucks and couplers

Model Tech Studios - Building kits, details, and more

N Scale Addict - Shapeways shop includes modern grain trucks and other ag machinary

Plastruct - Scratchbuilding supplies and detail parts

Republic Locomotive Works - Wooden building kits, among other things

Rix Products - Manufacturer of structure kits

Sylvan Scale Models - Boat specialist

Tichy Train Group - Freight car kits and parts

TrainCat - Freight car kits and more

Hobbycraft/True Line Trains - Specializes in small runs of Canadian liveried locomotives and rolling stock

Wheels of Time - N scale rolling stock


The N Scale Division - N scale specialist

Fifer Hobby Supply - N Scale specialist

Model Train Stuff - A reputable dealer in all things N scale (and a B&M store, so Athearn stuff is available there)

Hogtrainz - A reputable dealer in all things N scale

Tony's Train Exchange - Another B&M store, and this one actually takes reservations

Scenery, etc:

Bragdon Enterprises - Manufacturers of a great line of weathering products

Woodland Scenics - Manufacturer of amazing layout construction and scenery products

Scenic Express - Manufacturer of scenery products


George Irwin's A1G journal - Everything you ever wanted to know about early Atlas rolling stock

Doug Gosha's A1G journal - Everything you ever wanted to know about early Atlas motive power

Carney Plastics - Model display shelves

Diesel Chronology - A chronological listing of prototype diesel locomotives

Fred Klein - N scale passenger car reference

Micro-Mark - Decal paper and modeling tools manufacturer

UMTRR - George Irwin's "Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report"

N Scale Vehicle Association - N scale vehicle reference

HO Seeker - Assorted N scale literature (locomotive parts diagrams, etc)

N Scale Database - Database of European N scale models (extensive, but all in German)

Arnold Replacement Parts - Lots of information about old N scale locomotives, including parts diagrams (but again, all in German) - N scale modeling forum

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