N Scale Layout #6 - A Lifetime In Hope (2009-?)
The No Imagination Required RR, Part 21

04/30/22 - A possible explanation for my corn obsession?

I don't remember where this picture was taken or what I was doing up there, but that's definitely me circa 1965 -

05/02/22 - Finished detailing the WPW

I think I was able to replicate just about all of the prototypical junk piled up at this end of the building (mainly just a lot of traffic signs and barrels) -

I found out too late that someone (Modellbahn Union) actually makes an angular dumpster like the pictured prototype. Ah well, better luck next time.

I tell ya, this would've been whole a lot simpler if it weren't for all of those annoying little stripe decals on the barrels

That's it for the WPW, so now I guess it's time to finish up the electrical substation. And thanks to Woodland Scenics, about all I have left to do there is build a shed (ala the one pictured below) and wire it to the WS prebuilt -

I still haven't quite decided what I want to do about poles and wires. Prototypically speaking, the wires should run out of the yard and then on down the strip of land between the road and the mains. Vis -

Of course the big problem with that plan is that the poles and wires would then become giant obstacles when it comes to track cleaning. So, it's practicality vs fidelity and aesthetics. Oy, what to do??

05/10/22 - Revisiting Miller farm

Back when I was re-doing the fence at Miller farm I finally noticed these hitherto unnoticed utility poles -

And so... of course I had to go ahead and model them -

And of course once I'd started down that road I started looking around for other stuff that I'd missed. Can you see it?

Aha! Big sheets of wood leaning up against the back of the shed!

Aha! A clothesline, an air-conditioner, and an LP tank!

So yay, I think that just about wraps it up for the Millers (again).

In other news, I finally pitched the unwieldy clip lamps that I've been using for auxilliary camera lighting lo these many years and got myself some nice Neewer standing LED light panels instead -

They were relatively cheap ($70 for the pair) and I'm happy to report that they work great!

To be continued...

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