N Scale Layout #6 - A Season In Hope (2009-?)
The No Imagination Required RR

Building #37 - CS Customs (nee The Shop In Hope, nee Mogenson Garage)

Circa 1981 -

Circa 2009 -

Circa 2017 -

Circa 2018 -

I'm not sure when this building was constructed (or what it might have been originally), but in 1951 Harry Mogenson established "Mogenson Garage and Dairy Supplies" here. Al Vierling purchased the business in 1980 and operated it as a Phillips 66 until 1998. Typical garage stuff with auto parts, general repairs, etc. More recently it appears to be some sort of custom auto body/paint operation (dubbed "The Shop In Hope" up until 2018 and "CS Customs" after that).

The Model -

There's a short gravel side street (Hope's one and only) running east from here with a couple of houses at the end of it. However, due to size constraints I won't be modeling any of that.

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