N Scale Houses, Shacks, Sheds, Barns, Garages, Etc

I'm currently in the process of modeling an entire small town. And consequently, I need a lot of houses, garages, sheds and whatnot. So, for my own personal reference, I've assembled this (temporary) pictorial list. But hey, feel free to use it yourself (for as long as it lasts).

American Model Builders - Sonny's Shack

American Model Builders - Two-Story Farmhouse w/ Porch

American Model Builders - Miner's Cabin

American Model Builders - Country Barn

American Model Builders - Two-Story Section House

American Model Builders - One-Story Section House

American Model Builders - Company House

Atlas - Kate's Colonial Home

Atlas - Barb's Bungalow

Atlas - Kim's Classic American Home

Atlas - Barb's Bungalow Garage

Atlas - Micro-Plywood Garage

Atlas - Signal Shed

Blair Line - One Car Garage

Blair Line - Section Car Toolhouse

Blair Line - Company House

Blair Line - Shotgun House

Blair Line - Coal Storage House

GCLaser - One Car garage

GCLaser - Barn

GCLaser - Barn & Silo

GCLaser - Dog House

GCLaser - Tool Shed

GCLaser - Out House

GCLaser - Two-Car Garage

GCLaser - Storage Shed

GCLaser - Farm House

Grandt Line - Reese Street Row Houses

Heljan - Farm Houses

Imex - Stengel's Barn

Imex - Tom's Quonset Hut

Imex - Levittown Jubilee

Imex - Ranch House

Imex - Levittown Cape Cod House

Northeastern Scale Models - Yard Storage

Northeastern Scale Models - Dairy Barn

NuComp - Garage

Rix - Quonset Hut

Sylvan - Grandpa's House

Sylvan - Stone Farm House

Sylvan - Summer Cabin

Sylvan - Barn

Branchline Trains - Company Houses

Branchline Trains - Company Houses

Branchline Trains - Company House

Branchline Trains - Thelma & Stanley Houses

Branchline Trains - Albion House

Branchline Trains - Drayton House

Branchline Trains - Finley House

Branchline Trains - Beverly House

Branchline Trains - Farm Buildings

Branchline Trains - Farm House

Branchline Trains - Suburban House w/ Garage

Bar Mills - Shack Pack

Imex - Levittown Rancher House

Kanamodel - Company Houses

Model Power - 3 Suburban Homes

Model Power - Barn, Silo & Chicken Coop

Model Power - Bella's Farm House

Model Power - Farm House

Model Power - Grandma's House

Model Power - Haunted House

Model Power - Mr & Mrs Diggers

Model Power - The Grabitzki's

Model Power - The Sullivan's

Model Power - Two-Story Mansion

Model Power - Sinatra's House

Bachmann - Farm House

Bachmann - Two-Story House

Bachmann - New England Ranch House

Bachmann - Contemporary House

Woodland Scenics - Granny's House

RSLaserKits - Two-Car Garage

RSLaserKits - Dave's House

RSLaserKits - One-Car Garage

RSLaserKits - Cape House

RSLaserKits - Cape Garage

Imex - Split Level House

Imex - Country Cottage

Imex - Farm House

Imex - New England Ranch House

Branchline Trains - Dubois House

Branchline Trains - Tower House

Branchline Trains - Avon House

Branchline Trains - Row Houses

Branchline Trains - Tucson House

Blair Line - ATSF Six-Section Room House

Blair Line - Joe's Cabin

Perplexing Puzzles Plus (eBay) - Farm House

Perplexing Puzzles Plus (eBay) - Suburban House

Perplexing Puzzles Plus (eBay) - Company House

Walthers Cornerstone - Brick Ranch House

Walthers Cornerstone - Cape Cod House

RSLaserKits - Brick Farm House

RSLaserKits - Roundtree Farm House

Paw of a Bear - Ranch House #1

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