The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Games Workshop, 1986, 2-6 players, ages 10 and up. This is some offshoot of something called the "Fighting Fantasy" gaming system, of which I know nothing. In any case, this is a pretty bad game and not one I would recommend acquiring. As is usual with GW games, the components are very nice and the rules are fairly short and easy to follow and reference. Trouble is, the game itself is just kind of boring and tedious. I call it "Talisman For Dummies", which may not be quite on the mark, but you get the idea. It actually has more in common with those TSR "Dungeon" board games for the kiddies. I should've been tipped off by the recommended ages (starting at 10 instead of 12). I'm not sure who this is intended for, really. It's not challenging enough for adults, and probably too complex for kids. Anyway, basically you move from room to room killing monsters (usually a non event) and collecting treasure, with your ultimate goal being to reach the Warlock's Treasure Room and take his treasure. Opening the treasure chest involves having learned its combination along the way (something accomplished with a very Clue-like system of asking your fellow players). Very ho hum. It also takes quite a long time to play a game - it took us nearly 3 hours with four people and we didn't even bother to finish playing. I'm really surprised, as GW has made some of my all-time favorite games (Talisman, DungeonQuest and Warrior Knights, to name three). Oh well, nobody hits a home run every time they come to the plate.

Web contributor "Richard" informs me that the "Steve Jackson" cited on the cover of the box is not the Steve Jackson of "Steve Jackson Games" (USA), but rather a long-time employee of Games Workshop (UK).

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