Starlord, Gamma Two Games Ltd (Vancouver), 1977, 2 players, ages 9 and up. In the game of Starlord players place "Starship" tokens on a gameboard containing 6 different star systems. Each player starts out in his or her own randomly selected home system. A turn consists of rolling two six-sided dice and then moving two ships that number of spaces. Movement is always clockwise around a star. If you land on a planet, you get to draw a card. If you land on a hyperspace square, you can jump to a neighboring star system (and continue your movement there). If you land on an opponant's starship, you destroy it. To receive new starships, you must collect sets of three cards and turn them in (exactly like in Risk). If a player manages to conquer his enemy's home system (getting at least one ship in there while eliminating his opponent's presence), he's won. This game is a total ripoff of two games- Waddington's Game of Nations and Risk. Now, why anyone would bother ripping off a game as lame as WGON is beyond me. Yes, the rules are very short (although distressingly vague on several key points) and the game is childishly easy to play. But there's just not enough game here to challenge anyone beyond the age of 8 or 9. There's 10 times more strategy involved in a simple game of checkers than this loser.

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