Atlas Games (Trident, Inc), 1998, 2-6 players, ages 13 and up. Spammers pokes fun at the annoying phenomenon of SPAM mail. Each turn players draw cards and play them in attempt to build "influence" in the world of internet scams and SPAM. First, you put various "scam" cards into play (humorous parodies of common real-life email scams, EG get-rich-quick schemes, fad diets, freaky sex, etc), then you target mailing lists ("crabby retirees", "lonely computer nerds", et al) with your scams in an attempt to build up their influence. For each successful mailing you get one or two influence points on your scam. Once you build up a total of 20 influence points, you win. You can also draw cards that let you mess with other players and hardware cards that help you in your own efforts. It's all very lightweight, but the cards are humorous and there's just enough game there to make this an entertaining diversion at the end of a long night of serious gaming.

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