Milton Bradley, 1988, 2-6 players, 12-adult. Yet another in a long line of adult/family party-style games to follow in the footsteps of Trivial Pursuit, et al. In this game the players are presented with a list of categories in which they have to name a word (a fish, a president, a personal trait, a dessert, etc). A die is rolled to determine which letter the words have to start with. IE, roll an "S" and list a fish that starts with "S", a president that starts with "S", etc. Each round is timed by an annoyingingly loud wind-up timer. You get a point for each word that everyone agrees fits in the category and that no one else chose. The game is pretty fun, but I find that I'm too much of a stickler to let slide a lot of the stupid words people try to slip by. My pet peeve is granting people a free pass when their answer has a weak adjective that matches the rolled letter (instead of having the subject word start with the required letter). EG, if the letter is "Q" and the category is "animal" and they put down "Quick Squirrel" or something equally lame. I'd get behind a house rule banning that kind of crap, but what are you gonna do? It's just a dumb party game.

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