Pokemon Monopoly

Parker Brothers (Hasbro), 1999, 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. What else can be said about the old Monopoly warhorse? Introduced in 1934 it pretty much invented the family board game as we know it. It is the most played and undoubtedly the most influential board game of all time. It's getting a little creaky these days, but still fun for the whole family (especially elementary school-aged kids). Sadly the Parker Brothers/Hasbro beast appears to have lost faith in Monopoly's ability to compete against video games and whatnot so they've flooded the market with hundreds of "special collector" versions like this here Pokemon version (will my son never tire of these things?) It plays exactly the same as regular Monopoly with just the names and graphics being changed to Pokemon-ize things. They also tossed in an optional set of special rules to, I guess, justify the whole thing: Pokemon Power Doubles. If you roll doubles you can elect to either roll and move again or invoke a special Pokemon ability (one of 6, determined by which set of doubles you rolled). You can teleport to a space of your choice, collect $200, etc, etc. Anyhoo, it's still an OK game with an honored place in gaming history, but I can't honestly see anyone but kids getting much of a kick out of it anymore.

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