3M Bookshelf Games, 1970, 2 or 4 players, no age range specified but I'd say 10 and up. This is a very straightforward strategy game in the Chess vein - designed, I guess, for those who need a little bit of a futuristic space vibe with their Chess. The game board is laid out with a series of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Each piece has 1 or more ridges that line up with the lines on the grid. A piece can either move along one of the lines aligned with its ridges (the number of spaces you can move being equal to the number of ridges - so a 2-ridger is more valuable than a 1-ridger), or it may rotate (to align its ridges with a different set of grid lines). I'm not a big fan of this game, mainly because I'm terrible at these kind of abstract strategy games (Chess too) and never win at them. People with more fully functional brains may find it entertaining.

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