Nuclear War

Flying Buffalo, Inc., 1965, 2-6 players, no age range specified, but figure 10 and up. In this classic beer and pretzle style game, players attempt to destroy everybody else's population via strategic nuclear attack. Players draw a handful of cards that consist of warheads, nuclear delivery systems (missiles, bombers, atomic cannons, submarines, et al), defense systems, secrets, spies, and so on. Each turn you lay down one card and flip up one of your previously laid down cards. For example, place a Saturn missile face down one turn, a 100 megatown warhead the next, flip up the delivery system the next, flip up the payload the next and declare who you're going to drop it on. If they can't shoot it down, their population is going to take a hit. And so it goes until you're the last player left with any population left. This game has been around forever and we never seem to get tired of it. Two expansions (1983's Nuclear Escalation and 1992's Nuclear Proliferation) add more cards and more options to the fun. A true classic.

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