Miskatonic Madness

Richard Launius, 2005, 2 players, ages 12 and up. This game was written by the creator of the original Arkham Horror boardgame and is available as a freebie download from Yog-Sothoth.com. Unfortunately, it's worth about what you pay for it and not much more than that.

One player runs the bad guys and one player runs the good guys. The bad guy player draws cards each turn (generally monsters) and plays them in various locations on the Arkham University map. Then the good guy decides where to place his investigator cards, at which point the fighting ensues. If the good guy wins the battle, his score goes up. If the bad guy wins the battle, his score goes up. Play until somebody amasses enough points to win. Ho hum.

I must say, somebody needs to teach Mr. Launius how to write rules. The rules for this game are every bit as discombobulated and confusing as his rules for Arkham Horror. Anyway, we played it once and that was enough. We won't be playing it again.

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