MindTrap Games, Inc, 1991, 2 or more players or teams, ages 12 and up. Another Trivial Pursuit wannabe that doesn't quite cut the mustard. In MindTrap, players (or teams) answer word problems, riddles, brain teasers, logic conundrums and whatnot in order to move around the "board" and win the game. Well, the board and dice rolling aspects are usually the first things to go out the window when this game gets brought out. People quickly figure out that it's more fun to just read the questions out loud and see who can answer them. However, there's only 500 of them and once you've read through them once, that's it - there's not much point in playing again. As for the questions themselves, I don't think they work very well in a "family" game situation. About a third of them are simply too difficult to answer without sitting down and working things out with pencil and paper (an unlikely scenario in a casual, after-dinner situation). Another third of them are so ridiculously easy it's almost pointless to read them. And the final third have such ridiculously off-the-wall solutions that there's no way they can really be answered given the information provided. All in all a game that simply doesn't work. Bring the questions along with you for a long plane ride and throw the game away after you land.

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