The Official Dealer McDope Dealing Game

Last Gasp, 1971 (no idea how many players or what ages this may or may not be appropriate for - but since the theme is drug dealing, I'm guessing it's not for the kiddies). This game is based on the underground comix creations of Gilbert Shelton (he of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers fame). Original copies (like mine) are apparently quite the collector's item - I paid close to $100 on eBay (or was it even higher? I forget). You'd really think a game like this would be a lot of fun to play, but we'll never know. We pulled it out one evening, at the end of a long gaming session, and thought we were in for a nice, easy, light-hearted romp. What we got was a surprisingly lengthy and tortuous set of rules that we gave up on about halfway through. And since we're not likely to give it a second chance, back to eBay it goes.

Update: Wow, judging by the number of people contacting me about this game, it certainly remains in high demand. Sadly, I don't have it anymore, so you can stop sending me emails asking me if I'll sell it to you (or provide you with a copy of the rules). My only advice is to watch for copies on eBay. They show up often enough, just be prepared to spend a lot of $$$ (and if you ask me, it's just not worth the effort - but hey, that's just me).

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