The Amazing Magic Robot

I don't know a whole lot about this game (I don't read Greek), but from what I've gathered, the game has been around for decades in a variety of permutations (made at least at one point by a company named "Merit"). Helpful web-cruiser "Joanne" informs me that "you position the robot in the middle of a circle of general knowledge questions and point the robot's magic metal sword towards your question of choice. Then, you place him on another circle, featuring all the answers, and he will magically spin around to point to the correct answer. It's completely ace and very clever, although once you've learned the answers to the 100 or so questions they provide, it's completely pointless. I still don't quite understand how it works but according to my dad it's something to do with magnets."

I have to say, the disparity between the way-cool robot pictured on the box and the crappy little robot actually contained therein is pretty funny.

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