Risk - Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition

Parker Bros, 2003, 2-4 players, ages 9 and up. If you're reading this page, I'll assume you know what the classic game of Risk is all about and how to play it. This edition adds a couple of moderately interesting features to the game, but at the end of the day it's stiil pretty much just Risk. The most noteworthy addition are the "leaders", special pieces that can't move or fight like regular army pieces. Rather, they give you a bonus when fighting or defending if they are present in the territory where a battle is taking place. The next major addition are the event cards. These come in three different flavors- "play immediately" (random events that may hurt or hinder you or your foes), special effect cards that you can save and play later on (usually to aid you in a battle) and "mission" cards (if you manage to move your leader to the territory specified on the card you get a few free army units). That's about it, really. And no matter how many special editions with different bells and whistles they release, Risk is what it is - IE, best left to the kiddies. There are any number of better table top strategic war games that adults can enjoy.

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