Dante's Inferno

Twilight Creations Inc., 2003, 3-6 players, ages 12 and up. In this game (loosely based on the classic novel) players attempt to navigate the bowels of hell, from the first circle all the way down to the ninth circle. Once you reach the ninth circle of hell, all you have to do is best Lucifer himself in combat in order to win the game. This game is really boring and feels pretty half-baked. I don't know if they decided to create a complete game and then try to get away with releasing it in dribs and drabs via add-on expansions (none of which are available yet, as far as I know), or if they honestly thought this game would be sufficient as it is. The basic engine that drives the game is collecting "resources". This is accomplished by parking your playing pieces on different colored squares and then hoping random die rolls allow you to collect the resources that correspond to the color your pieces are on. Once collected, resources are used for pretty much everything - purchasing more playing pieces, moving up and down between the nine circles of hell, paying to reroll a failed die roll, expanding the "board" (which you slowly build by purchasing and placing individual tiles), and so on. There is no direct interaction between players and the only "peril" is supplied by the demon pieces that very rarely surface (again, via random die rolling). We played for close to three hours and pretty much spent all of our time stuck trying to scare up a particular color of resource, which can take a very long time if you get a bad series of rolls. This game is in desperate need of some kind of event card deck to spice things up and a whole hatful of rules modifications and additions.

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