Milton Bradley, 1990, 4 or more players (divided into 2 teams), ages 12 and up. Another uninspired family/party game riding along on the coattails of Trivial Pursuit. I must ask, did the world really need a boxed version of Charades with an obnoxious timer? Apparently so... The only new thing this game brings to the table is the aforementioned "Mimer Timer" - an unforgiving little device that gives the "actor" about 36 seconds to successfully get his team to guess 4 different randomly selected words. The twist is, after 9 seconds the first card drops out of sight and you have to move on to the next word, where you again have 9 seconds to get it right before it too is swallowed (and so on for the rest of the words). To earn points your team must guess what you're miming and then you have to grab the card before it vanishes. Um, right... Anyway, yes, it's fun, but if you can scare up a dictionary and an egg timer you can save yourself some money and just play Charades the way God intended it to be played.

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