Filthy Rich

Wizards of the Coast, 1998, 2-5 players, 14 and up. In Filthy Rich, players take turns playing advertising signage on the "three-dimensional" board (which consists of a three-ring binder and four pages of card sleeves, ala baseball card collecting). If your signage is visible, you get paid that turn. So, one turn you could be earning all sorts of money, the next turn (when the page gets flipped to a different one), some or all of your advertising may be obscured by other peoples'. You use your money to purchase luxuries, with the first person to acquire three being the winner. This game is pretty simple to get started playing- there's only one page of rules, which is (unfortunately) printed on the game board (the binder). To be honest, I don't remember much about this game (as evidenced by my rather skimpy description). I bought it years ago, we played it once and haven't played it since. I don't recall thinking it was particularly bad, but I guess it wasn't intriguing enough to warrant another try. Looks like a candidate for catch and release (IE, eBay).

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