Federation and Empire

Task Force Games, 1986, 2-8 players, ages 12 and up. The minute I opened up the box and saw all of those damnable little cardboard counter sheets and several pounds worth of rules I was pretty sure I was never going to play this game. After checking out some of the opinions on BOARDGAMEGEEK.COM, I was definitely sure I was never going to play it. The general concensus seems to be that the only people who should even try to play this game are 16 years olds who can afford to kill a whole summer figuring out the rules and playing a game from start to finish. I certainly don't have that much time and energy available to invest in a game, so back to eBay it goes. From BG.COM:

"This sprawling empire game is set in the Star Fleet Battles (Star Trek) universe. Players command one or more races in a variety of scenarios as they replay the "historical" situations in the galactic politics of the future. Countless counters represent every ship that is taken up in the events of the day."

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