Edge City

Imagineering Design, 1994, 4 players. No age range specified, but I'd say 10-adult. The jury is still kind of out on this one. My group spent so much time going through the dense rules and complicated setup and turn schema that by the time we figured out what the heck we were doing we were more than a little burned out on the whole thing and antsy to move on to something else (which we did). The rules are incredibly obtuse and reading them is an experience akin to having a conversation with a room full of copyright lawyers. After about 30 minutes of rules-reading we were literally rolling on the floor at some of the absurb gobbledygook we were encountering. The first thing you need to know about this game is that it is a total Talisman knock-off. Obviously the people who "created" this game were big Talisman fans as I'd say there is at least a 75% overlap between the two gaming systems. Had we known this up front it would have taken us a lot less time to get rolling (but then, that's not something they're likely to put on the box: "Amazing Talisman Knock-Off!"). And how about the goofy box? Oooh, a trapazoid! How edgy and cyberpunky! (groan)

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