Iron Crown Enterprises (Hobbygame LTD), 1996, any number of players, ages 12 and up. I picked up several of these Dicemaster sets from eBay before I realized it was a collectible dice game. Now, isn't that just about the stupidest thing you've ever heard? To make matters worse, when we pulled it out one day to actually give it a try, we discovered that we still didn't have enough dice for even two people to play. "Cities of Doom" is the base game, and each player needs a copy of it in order to play. Wilds of Doom and Doom Cubes are expansions. So, to heck with it, back to eBay it goes. Here's what BOARDGAMEGEEK.COM has to say about it:

"Another of the ill-fated collectible dice games that came out in the wake of Dragon Dice. Dicemaster was somewhat unique, however, in that its theme was of a single adventurer battling monsters while searching for the six runes to complete his quest (most other fantasy CDG's dealt with armies)."

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