Destination Mars

Discovery Kids, 1999, 2 players, ages 8 and up. In Destination Mars each player attempts to move their rocket ship from the Earth to Mars. Each turn you are dealt 7 cards, each of which has the sun, a moon, or one of the planets of our solar system on it. You get points for putting together combinations of cards, with the more difficult combinations scoring you more points. For example, Mars and two moons is worth one more point than the Earth and one moon. All the outer planets plus the sun is worth more than all the inner planets plus the sun, etc. The player who puts together the most points with their combinations gets to move that many spaces. If they land on an obstruction space, they then have to go back the number of points the other player scored. Play proceeds in this fashion until somebody reaches Mars. The game it pretty fun and definitely educational. It teaches about our solar system, and the whole business of figuring which cards make the best combinations is a good brain exercise. My son and I have a good time playing this game.

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