Dark Tower

Dark Tower was released in 1982 by Milton Bradley. It is designed for 1-4 players, ages 10 and up. Game duration is approximately 15 minutes. Here's another kid's game that my little boy really likes to play. This is probably one of the first "computer" games ever released, and although I'm sure it was hot stuff back in the day, it's pretty lame by today's standards. Basically, you move around the board in search of the three keys you need to get into the Dark Tower. You can move to tomb squares, ruins, sanctuary, bazaars or open space (each place having a corresponding button you push on the Dark Tower). The Dark Tower then shows you what you found or encountered (if anything) in your space. You can encounter brigands which you in turn fight with your warriors (basically a non-event, you almost always win). Pretty simple stuff and obviously geared towards young kids. For some reason this game sells for big bucks on eBay (well over $100 for a complete set in good working order). Must be a nostalgia thing.

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