Cranium Inc, 1998, 4 or more players (divided into teams), "for teens and adults". The designers of so-called "family" games must finally be running out of ideas. Cranium offers not very many new ideas, instead opting for a rehash of several old ones. As is typical with these sorts of games, player pieces and board movement are pretty superfluous - they provide a simple mechanism for determining a winner, but the questions themselves are what the game is about. Each turn your team must successfully solve a puzzle or accomplish some task, as determined by the card you draw. This includes getting your partner to guess something via drawing, miming, clues, clay modeling or impersonation, or working together to solve a word puzzle or answer some kind of trivia question; thus strip-mining several centuries worth of gaming staples and cramming them into one game. We found the questions/tasks to be pretty simple (in fact, probably too simple), and wizzed through the game pretty quickly. It's OK, but wholly unoriginal and not particularly exciting.

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