Chez Geek

Steve Jackson Games, 1999, 2-5 players, no age range specified but I'd say 12 and up (anyone younger probably won't find as much entertainment in the card content). In Chez Geek each player revisits his or her days of twenty-something slackerdom by taking up space in a shared apartment with the other players. You start out with a "job" card (drummer, temp, et al) that may or may not pay you some money and give you a little bit of free time each turn. During your free time you use whatever money you have to try to acquire and play posession cards and action cards. Each of these may earn you "slacker" points. Each player has a threshold of slacker points at which they win the game. Other players can dump cards on you that mess with your goal of achieving total slackerdom. There's not much game here, as basically you're just drawing cards and then playing them right away. The real entertainment lies in reading the cards, I guess. It's fun at least once, but I doubt it has much staying power. I can think of several other simple-minded, short, beer and pretzle type games that I'd rather play.

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