Cranium Cadoo For Kids

Cranium Inc, 2001, 2 or more players, "for kids 7 seven and up and fun for grown-ups to play along too". Cranium Cadoo is the "junior" version of Cadoo, the wholly unoriginal game that unashemedly steals from pretty much every other game ever made. Players take turns drawing cards and fulfilling the tasks thereon. Usually this involves answering some kind of multiple choice question, but occasionally involves drawing (ala Pictionary), making a clay model (3-D pictionary) or running around the house trying to find something ("go find something white and something round"). The drawing, modelling and running around are kind of fun. On the other hand, the questions are dead simple (running the gamut from really simple trivia to vocabulary to rebii). The "mechanism" for winning the game is essentially Tic-Tac-Toe - when you get a correct answer you place a marker on the 4 X 4 board. When you get four in a row, you win. My son (nine at the moment) apparently enjoys the heck out of this, and has a good old time playing it with his friends. When he drags me into it, I go along only reluctantly. The basic problem (for me, anyway) is that the questions and tasks are ridiculously easy (even for kids). Nobody ever wins because nobody ever gets a wrong answer, and who above the age of 6 weeks has ever played a game of Tic-Tac-Toe where somebody won?

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