Milton Bradley, 1983, 2 players, ages 7-14. To put it bluntly, this game sucks! But then, what would you expect from a board game based on a video game? What were they thinking?? I dunno, maybe the intended audience will enjoy this (kids 7-14), I know mine does (or at least he's always bugging me to play it - I may have to hide it). Seriously though, there just isn't anything good about this game. It's cheap looking and cheaply constructed. The game pieces require assembly and the stickers start falling off the minute you apply them. The rules are stupid and the game play is assinine. I'm serious, it's impossible to win this game. Players take turns being the good guy who tries to escape from the clutches of the bad guy, Evil Otto (who controls all those robots). The good guy must take out at least two of the robots and then escape the maze by getting to a certain square. He must avoid the robots and the bad guy by rolling a six-sided die and moving around. Naturally, the bad guys get to roll a die too and also move around. And golly, look, there's like 7 of them and they have the advantage of being able to move diagonally. What does that mean for the good guy? Simple, he gets waxed every single game. Like I said, this game sucks. What's next? Pong: The Board Game??

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