Games Designers' Workshop (GDW), 1979, 2 players(?), ages 12 and up. This game falls into the "I ain't never going to play it, so I may as well just sell it" category. This is a fairly stereotypical space tactics/strategy game involving lots and lots of little cardboard tiles, a hex map and a set of rules that would choke a rhino. The final straw is the whole 2-player thing. I rarely find myself with only one gaming partner, so any 2-player game in my library isn't likely to get played all that often. Especially anything with a really steep learning curve and high complexity factor.

I have to say, my claiming that this is a two player game is nothing more than an educated guess. Nowhere on the box or in the rules does it say exactly how many people can play this game. Seriously, I skimmed the whole rule book and couldn't find any reference to the number of players. Frankly, that's just stupid and annoying. Put it on the outside of the box, for crying out loud!

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