Battle of the Sexes

Copyright 1998 by University Games. Any number of players, ages 12 and up can play (generally speaking, you would divide into two groups, male and female). Takes about 15-20 minutes to play. The concept sounds interesting, but the execution is pretty poor. Basically the girls read girl-oriented questions to the boys (cooking, cleaning, fashion, whatever) and the boys read boy-oriented questions to the girls (fishing, cars, sports, whatever). Sounds simple enough, but the game board and rules are needlessly confusing. May as well save yourself some BS and just read the questions to each other and keep score with pencil and paper. And maybe it's just me, but the difficulty of the questions seemed to vary pretty wildly. The boy questions seemed to me to be more geared towards everyone ("How does James Bond like his martinis?"), whereas the girl questions seemed to be really obscure and much more difficult ("What is the standard size of a hem?"). After the girls clobbered the boys we thought maybe we'd try again and switch the cards (boys answer boy questions, girls answer girl questions) but no one thought it was entertaining enough to bother trying. All in all, pretty lame. I wouldn't play it again.

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