Copyright 1984 by Parker Bros. For 2-6 players, ages 10 to adult. Takes about 30-60 minutes to play. Another in a long line of adult party games to follow in the wake of Trivial Pursuit. This game is quite hilarious and extremely entertaining. It's also very simple- each turn a new player pulls a definition card from the box and reads and spells the word to the rest of the players ("pizzle", "perwitzky", "baimaiden", etc). The words are all extremely obscure (I don't know that we encountered a single one that anyone had ever specifically heard of, and we're a pretty literate bunch). Each player then makes up a plausible sounding definition for the word and hands it in. The guy who drew the card copies the correct definition from the card and mixes it in with the fake ones. Each definition is then read and people try to guess which one is the real one. You get points for correctly determining the real definition (which almost never happens). You also get points if any of the other players vote for your made-up definition. The first player to move their piece around the board wins (this portion of the game is wholly superfluous and may be dispensed with). This game will have you in stitches (I know a lot of games promise this, but in this case it's true). It's amazing how creative people turn out to be. Highly recommended.

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