Avalon Hill, 1993, 3-6 players, ages 10 and up. This is an extremely simple game to get started playing. Sadly, it's also quite boring. Players draw cards and use them to move around a board of Europe one city at a time (you can only move to cities immediately connected to your current location, so you spend a lot of your time stuck in one place waiting to draw the appropriate destination card). Once you pull a destination that you can actually go to, you then play a vehicle card and "distance" cards to complete the move. There are cards that other players can play to interfere with your movement. Otherwise, you earn points towards victory by moving to a new city. That's it. That's essentially the whole game. Moving around the board from city to city. Oh, one player is "The Assassin" (whoever currently holds the assassin card). If you wind up in the same city as the assassin, he/she can assassinate you (which gets the assassin a few points towards victory and has absolutely no affect on you). This almost never happens because it is so bloody difficult to move around. The one time we played (and there won't be a second time), there was one actual assassination (in a game called "Assassin"). The whole thing is pretty badly designed. The rules don't make much sense in real world terms, they simply exist to allow there to be a game (always a bad way to go about making a game).

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