4000 A.D.

Waddington's House of Games, 1972, 2-4 players, no age range specified so let's say 12 and up. I've never actually played this game. I picked it up on eBay on a whim (as is my wont), and when I mentioned that fact to my gaming group they immediately started throwing rotten vegetables and other unpleasant objects at me. Here is the description from boardgamegeek.com:

"4000 AD is a unique game of strategy set two thousand years in the future, when men have spread to the planets of other stars hundreds of light-years from the earth. An interstellar conflict between worlds is its subject. The concept of star travel by hyper-space is the basis of its unique playing character. 4000 AD is pure strategy of movement, with no chance element. Two to four players may play independently or in alliance with others."

My friend Dean has this to say about this game: "The worst part is the combat system. The larger force completely destroys the smaller force, taking no losses. 101 ships meet 100 ships; 101 ships leave, safe and sound."

Now, this (to me, anyway) seems perfectly logical. Obviously, by the time 4000 A.D. rolls around, civilization will have arrived at an Archon-like system where computers will decide who wins a battle without a single shot being fired, and with the loser being honor-bound to self-destruct all of his ships. However, I figure we can probably just eliminate the middleman and boil an entire gaming session down to a single die-roll, winner take-all. So, I'll just save one of the dice and the chuck the actual game back to eBay.

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